Richard Misrach  


Richard Misrach is among the most influential, prolific, and internationally recognized photographers  working today. Best known for his epic ongoing project, Desert Cantos-an extensive and unique photographic exploration of place - Misrach consistently addresses political and social issues through the adaptation of different photographic strategies, even as he expands notions of traditional landscape practice, and builds a complex and poignant document of American culture. His subjects have included manmade floods and fires, military bombing ranges, mass graves of dead animals, sublime night skies, and details of paintings housed in the museums of the Southwest.  Misrach offers a totally convincing sense of place-the Mohave, the California inlands, the Nevada deserts, over which he has roamed repeatedly. His moment of perception is always the present, gritted in by sand ochres and limned by sage green, mauve, and blond hues often emerging into an exquisite bleached depth, though sometimes reddened by dusk or fires. Misrach lives such moments to their sensory brim without standing on any ceremony. He gives us the feeling that what happens out there in the nominal wild happens for him and to him quite in advance of being filtered through any memory of art.  

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